Contribute to the review on homeless encampments

The submission period is now closed. Thank you to everyone who shared their story and ideas for solutions with the Advocate.

The Federal Housing Advocate has launched a review of homeless encampments as a violation of human rights in Canada. The review will include testimony from people with lived experience. Anyone who has experienced living in an encampment, or organizations who advocate on their behalf, can contribute to the review.

We want to hear from you! You can share your story, your experiences, and your ideas for solutions with the Advocate.

Submission period: March 29 – June 20, 2023

The Advocate does not provide individual assistance. If you need immediate help with your housing situation, please click here.

About the review

The Advocate wants to hear from people who are living in encampments, people experiencing homelessness, people who have been homeless in the past, advocates for the right to housing, people who work in the homeless sector and other stakeholders. Sharing your experience will help the Advocate drive change and advance the right to housing for all in Canada.

As a result of the review, the Advocate will produce a report with findings and recommendations that will be provided to the federal Minister responsible for housing.

To learn more about the Advocate’s review and other work on encampments, please visit the key issue page on homeless encampments here.

How you can help?

One of the Advocate’s roles is to amplify the voices of those impacted by inadequate housing and homelessness. Your submission will help the Advocate better understand systemic housing issues related to encampments in Canada.

Sharing your experiences will help the Advocate:

  • Make recommendations to the government and other decision-makers to improve Canada’s housing laws, policies and programs
  • Raise awareness about the need to take action to protect the human rights of people living in encampments
  • Hold governments to account on their obligations to address housing need and homelessness across Canada
  • Drive change on key systemic housing issues and advance the right to housing for all in Canada.

The Advocate does not provide individual assistance. If you need help with a personal housing problem click here.

About the form

The form will take about 10 minutes to complete.

There are two important parts to the submission form:

  • The submission form will ask you to share your experience and recommendations for promoting and protecting the human rights of people living in encampments. There is an option to upload a document, pictures and videos as well.
  • We will also ask you for your contact information in case the Advocate would like to learn more about your submission.

Information gathered as part of the survey will be used in compliance with the Privacy Act. It will also be reported to Parliament and the National Housing Council. Any identifiable or private information will remain confidential.

How do I complete my submission
  • Begin answering the questions, and use the navigation buttons (Next, Previous) to move forward or backward through the form.
  • The session will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity, and all entered information will be saved.
  • Use the Submit button at the end of the questionnaire to submit the completed questionnaire to the Office of the Federal Housing Advocate
  • Make note of your confirmation number and you will be sent a confirmation email.

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